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Buncho Poster Colour 15cc
Buncho Poster Colour 15cc

Buncho Poster Colour 15cc

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No. 1 White
No. 2 Lemon Yellow
No. 4 Pale Orange
No. 5 Yellow
No. 38 Cobult Blue
No. 7 Chrome Yellow
No. 10 Orange
No. 11 Vermilion
No. 13 Red
No. 131 Brilliant Red
No. 16 Pink
No. 20 Purple
No. 24 Yellow Ochre
No. 26 Brown
No. 45 Green
No. 30 Vandyke Brown
No. 31 Black
No. 32 Grey
No. 37 Sky Blue
No. 43 Yellow Green
No. 39 Ultramarine
No. 40 Prussian Blue
No. 452 Viridian

Using the Buncho 15cc Poster Colour to add brilliance to your artist side and inspire your creativity at home, daycare or school. Rich in texture, it is a vibrant opaque paint with a water-soluble binder for easy cleanup. Excellet quality and widely used porter colour for school art projects.



Product Details: 

• Model: FG-PC15CC

• Size: 15cc / 15ml

• Type: Water-based poster colour



Product Features:

• Vibrant and rich colour

• Colours are distictive and can create multi-artistic paintings

• Easy colour mixing and blending

• Gives a nice sheen and glossy finish

• Water-soluble and easy cleanup 

• Non-toxic, safe to use